The Diocesan phase of the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God, Marta Obregon Rodriguez has been concluded.

The Roman phase begins immediately following, in which it will be necessary to face unavoidable, significant expenses, inherent to the documentation that the cause involves.

Until now, the expenses have been minor and we have been able to cover them by our own means, but now your help is going to be indispensable. You can contribute by using any of the ways that will be given below.

You can contribute by using any of the ways that will be given below. All the assistance received, as well as the use of it, will be handled with absolute transparency on this very website: Clicking on the link recent donations, you can have access to the records of donations (it will be updated at the end of every month.)

Your identity will not be disclosed.

Wire transfer:

Banco de Santander (España) Santander Bank (Spain) IBAN: ES43 0049 6738 5026 9504 2128

For foreign transfers: BIC o SWIFT: BSCHESMMXXX


If you are Spanish and would like to make your donation tax deductable, mail or email us (see CONTACT) your information for tax purposes (DNI/NIF Name and Last Names, Home Address, ZIP Code and City), as well as the donation amount and the date on which you made the donation or donations.

See Recent donations (updated monthly with what is received in the previous month).

Recent Donations

DateDonor IDOriginAmount
10/01/2020MCOAGracias por los favores recibidos Transferencia bancaria150,00 €
02/03/2020PZSMSWeb - Pay pal - España10,00 €
19/03/2020NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
25/03/2020Anonimo-Camino NeocatecumenalWeb - Pay pal - España150,00 €
05/06/2020NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
14/06/2020SFBCamino Neocatecumenal Web - Pay pal - España100,00 €
25/06/2020AMWeb - Pay pal - España3,00 €
20/07/2020FDLDonativo Causa Marta Obregón Transferencia bancaria100,00 €
22/09/2020MSRTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
13/10/2020SMTCamino Neocatecumenal Transferencia bancaria12,27 €
10/11/2020NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
16/12/2020NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
08/01/2021NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
11/02/2021MCOAGracias por los favores recibidos Transferencia bancaria100,00 €
02/03/2021ARMIngreso efectivo2.000,00 €
09/03/2021NRMWeb - Pay pal - España20,00 €
07/04/2021NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
08/07/2021ABIngreso cajero50,00 €
06/09/2021NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
08/12/2021NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
15/12/2021FDLDonativo Causa Marta Obregón Transferencia bancaria50,00 €
22/02/2022NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
03/05/2022NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
23/05/2022ARGGracias Marta Transferencia bancaria100,00 €
19/07/2022NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
27/09/2022FDLDonativo Causa Marta Obregón Transferencia bancaria150,00 €
15/11/2022NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
07/03/2023NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
18/04/2023SRMAnónimo Transferencia bancaria2.000,00 €
16/06/2023NSGTransferencia bancaria100,00 €
15/10/2023JMBGWeb - Pay pal - España300,00 €